Almeria “Allie” (Posegate) Nils

Almeria "Allie" (Posegate) Nils Female View treeBorn: 1844 Died: 1918
Father: Isaac F Posegate Mother: Elizabeth Kean
Children: Nelson , Nelson
Siblings: Winfield Scott Posegate, Charles Posegate, John H Posegate, Francis Marion Posegate
Spouse: Nelson Olsen Nelson

Almeria Posegate married N. O. Nelson on 22 Apr 1868 in Buchanan County, MO. Two children of this marriage survived to adulthood: Julia and Charlotte.

Almeria POSEGATE NELSON (1844-12/29/1918) is Capt. POSEGATE’s sister; she states this in a notarized letter supporting Emma POSEGATE’s widow’s claim to F. M. POSEGATE’s military pension. On April 23, 1868 Almeria was married to Nelson 0. NELSON (9/11/1844-10/25/1822) of Buchanan County’s Norwegian community. The NELSONs were married in the POSEGATE residence at Francis and 20th. The NELSONs moved to St. Louis where N. 0. NELSON became a successful industrialist. He was very progressive in his methods of dealing with labor and established a successful hardware manufacturing factory in LeClaire, Illinois. He expanded his operations to include a wide range of experimental
industries and plantations.

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