Rachel Ferguson Postgate Crispin

Rachel Ferguson Postgate Crispin Female View treeBorn: 1776 Died: 1820
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Isaac F Posegate , Mary Posegate , Charles Hill Posegate Jr , Thomas Posegate
Partners: Charles Hill Postgate

b. 1776 d. 1820

Married Charles Hill Postgate.  He died in 1805.  In 1806 Married John Crispin.

Her misspelling is attributed to the origins of the name Posegate.

Timeline of Events

1806 John Crispin married the widow Rachel Posegate .  John Crispin took Rachel’s children into his home.  “John Crispin vs Charles Postgate”

1807-10 David Crispin Born to John & Rachel

1809 John Crispin was appointed guardian of Rachel’s Children about 1809 in Ross County. “John Crispin vs Charles Postgate”

1810 *Clinton County established by the Ohio Legislature *Fayette County established by the Ohio Legislature *Rachel Crispin received by request at Fairfield Meeting 1/27/1810 Hinshaw’s Ohio Quakers  pg 272 *John Crispin went to Virginia and sold the land including the dower interest of Rachel. “”John Crispin vs Charles Postgate””

1811 Fall Creek Highland OH 5 set off 1811 from Fairfield MM Lee’s Creek Monthly Meeting: Mary (Postgate) daughter John and Rachel Crispin received by request 12/28/1811 Thomas Charles and Isaac Postgate and Davis [more likely David] Crispin son and stepsons of John Crispin received by request 12/28/1811

May 6 1811 Joshua Crispin Born to John & Rachel Hinshaw’s Ohio Quakers  pg 272″;

1820 John CRISPIN and Rachel hw of Highland Co. Sell interest in 70 acres of land in Frederick Co. to Wm. COOK of Frederick Co. Va. Rachel CRISPIN late POSEGATE widow of Hill Posegate dec’d together with the children Thomas Charles Mary and Isaac POSEGATE are heirs of decent. Records of the Recorder’s Office of Highland County Ohio (1805-1850). Deed Book 1: 584   May 13 1820 p. 58.  Thomas POSEGATE and Charity hw and Charles POSEGATE all of Highland County to John CRISPIN interest in 70 A as stated on p 584. Deed Book 1: 585  May 13 1820

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