Edna Levina Lura

Edna Levina Lura Female View treeBorn: 1900 Died: 1989
Father: Hovaar Hovaarson Lura Mother: Ellen Olena (Nelson) Lura
Siblings: Harvey Elmer Lura, Nettie Welhelmina (Lura) Loomis


Edna served in WWII, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on August 26, 1948. She served on the Army Medical Specialist Corps Advisory Editorial Board.

In her earlier days she was a physical therapist located in Hot Springs Arkansas and gave treatments to President Franklin Roosevelt and General John Pershing.

Inga Richardson (Danielson) Tarvestad

Inga Richardson (Danielson) Tarvestad Female View treeBorn: 1811 Died: 1899
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Ellen Olena (Nelson) Lura , Nels Nelson , Inger (Danielson) Olson , Caroline Danielson , Daniel Danielson , Siri (Danielson) Nelson
Partners: Elias Nelson Tarvestad, Osmond Danielson

b. 1811 Norway d. 1899

Inga arrived in America in 1837 with her husband Osmund Danielson from Norway.  There were less than 500 Norwegians in America at that time.

Inga Richardson Danielson Tarvestad descendency chart

*I [[Inga Richardson Danielson (1811-1899)]]
* +[[Osmund Danielson (?-1849)]] First husband
**II [[Siri Danielson Nelson]]
** +[[John Nelson]]
***III [[Ellen Nelson Erickson]]
*** +[[Erick Erickson]]
****IV [[Nellie Erickson]]
****IV [[Joseph Erickson]]
**** +[[Charlotte Quarn Erickson]]
*****V [[Gallord Erickson]]
***** +[[Melvia Michelson Erickson]]
******VI [[Eleanor Erickson]]
******VI [[Carol Erickson]]
******VI [[Gallord Erickson]]
******VI [[James Erickson]]
******VI [[Althea Erickson]]
******VI [[Natalie Erickson]]
******VI [[Marilyn Erickson]]
******VI [[Carol Erickson]]
*******VII Susanne King
******* +Doug Hauge
********VIII Kerri Lynne Hauge
********VIII Kandace Hauge
******VI [[Virginia Erickson]]
****IV [[Berdie Erickson]]
****IV [[Inga Erickson]]
****IV [[Sadie Erickson]]
**** +[[Grover Winch]]
***III [[Osmund Nelson]]
*** +[[Julia Thompson Nelson]]
****IV [[Gertie Nelson Gillespie]]
**** +[[Angus Gillespie]]
*****V [[Bernice Gillespie]]
*****V [[Carrol Gillespie]]
****IV [[Johnie Nelson]]
**** +[[Elizabeth Hein Nelson]]
**II [[Daniel Danielson]]
**II [[Caroline Danielson]]
** +[[Harmon Harmonson]]
** +[[William Marcus]]
***III [[Isabel Swenson]]
** +[[Njeld Sand]]
***III [[Thea Sand]]
***III [[Inga Sand]]
**II [[Inger Danielson Olson]]
** +[[Jeremias Olson]]
***III [[Julia Olson Sigmond]]
*** +Joseph Sigmond
****IV [[Rufus Sigmond]]
****IV [[Jordon Sigmond]]
***III [[Osmund Olson]]
*** +[[Serena Larson Olson]]
****IV [[Jeffrey Olson]]
**** +[[Bertha Nelson]]
*****V Kenneth Olson
*****V Deloris Olson
*****V Beverly Olson
***III [[Edward Olson]]
*** +[[Mary Leia Olson]]
****IV [[Charlotte Olson]]
**** +[[Joseph Twedt]]
*****V Edward Twedt
****IV [[Jeremiah Olson]]
**** +[[Morna Cole Olson]]
****IV [[Eugene Olson]]
***III [[Anna Olson Paularud]]
*** +[[Gilbert Paularud]]
****IV [[Jordan Paularud]]
**** +[[Ada Lundy Paularud]]
*****V Ardys Paularud
*****V Roselyn Paularud
****IV [[Irene Paularude]]
****IV [[Gerhardt Paularud]]
**** +[[Lyla Pederson Paularud]]
****IV [[Margarett Paularud Russing]]
**** +[[Olaf Russing]]
****IV [[Nina Paularud]]
****IV [[Luther Paularud]]
****IV [[Phillip Paularud]]
***III[[Josiah Olson]]
*** +[[Edith Brown Olson]]
****IV [[Jerene Olson Olberg]]
**** +[[Albert OlBerg]]
****IV [[Rufus Olson]]
***III[[Minelva Olson Anderson]]
*** +[[Martin Anderson]]
**II [[Daniel Danielson]]
**II [[Osmund Danielson]]
* +[[Elias Nelson Tarvestad (1826-1896)]] Second husband
**II [[Nels Nelson (1853-1872)]]
**II [[Ellen Olena Nelson Lura (1856-1939)]]
** +[[Hovaar Hovaarson Lura (1851-1917)]]
***III [[Harry Neal Lura (1878-1887)]]
***III [[Ely Lura (1880-1968)]]
***III [[Inga Cordelia Lura (1883-1955)]]
***III [[Bertram Adolph Lura (1886-1951)]]
***III [[Harriet Lura (1888-1971)]]
***III [[Nettie Welhelmina Lura Loomis (1890-1951)]]
*** +[[Theron Theodore Loomis (1883-1958)]]
****IV [[Ellen Florine Loomis Conradt (1924-?)]]
**** +[[Lawrence Amil Conradt (1916-?)]]
*****V Virginia Lee Conradt Hansen (1951- )
***** +Patrick William Hansen (1949- )
******VI Brian James Hansen (1974- )
******VI Christopher Lee Hansen (1978- )
*****V Dale Ernest Conradt (1953- )
***** +Arlene Joyce Funk Conradt (1957- )
******VI Kevin Dale Conradt (1974- )
*****V Rosanne Marie Conradt Samuelson (1955- )
***** +Steven Samuelson (1955- )
*****V Karen Irene Conradt (1956- )
*****V John Michael Conradt (1958- )
*****V Earl Donald Conradt (1959- )
****IV Louva Engaline Loomis (1926-1927)
****IV [[Juliet Louva Loomis Fitzgarrold (1929-1977)]]
**** +[[James Fletcher Fitzgarrold (1924-?)]]
*****V Kathline Louva Fitzgarrold Trask (1950- )]]
***** +Vaughn Clair Trask (1944- )
******VI Tracy Spring Trask (1971- )
******VI Troy Neal Trask (1975- )
*****V Diane Christine Fitzgarrold (1952- )
*****V James Fletcher Fitzgarrold (1953- )
***** +Laura Ann Cooney Fitzgarrold (1952- )
*****V Vicki Jean Fitzgarrold Schram (1955- )
***** +John Ray Schram (1948- )
*****V Christine Ann Fitzgarrold (1959- )
***III [[Harvey Elmer Lura (1892-1959)]]
*** +[[Sylvia Gurena Egeland Lura (1896-1944)]]
****IV [[Elaine Sylvia Lura Posegate (1922-1997)]]
**** +[[Lowell Marion Posegate (1918-2003)]]
*****V Dennis Ray Posegate (1949- )
***** +Colleen Lynette Olson Posegate (1956- )
*****V Keith Alan Posegate (1951- )
***** +Kay Ann Britson Posegate (1953- ) Divorced
*****V Wayne Leslie Posegate (1953- )
***** +Cindy ( – )
*****V Sylvia Jean Posegate (1955- )
***** +Craig Alan Anderson (1951- )
*****V Darrel Lee Posegate (1958- )
***** +Dawn Marie Shattuck (1957- ) Divorced
***** +Lorene Ruth Anderson Posegate (1950- ) Second wife
****IV [[Florence Geneva Lura Matilla (1925-?)
**** +[[Edward Emil Mattila (1925-?)]]
*****V Kristine Lou Mattila (1953- )
*****V Rodney Alen Mattila (1959- )
****IV Dorothy Lura (1927-1927)
****IV Bonnie Lou Lura Thompson (1932- )
**** +Marvin Eugene Thompson (1931- )
*****V Laura Jean Thompson (1966- )
***III [[Cora Jeanette Lura Teig (1894-1977)]]
*** +[[Peter P Teig (1882-1968)]]
****IV [[Carrol Philip Teig (1921-?)]]
**** +[[Gladys Lorena Novak Teig (1925-?]]
*****V Camilla Barbara Teig (1954- )]]
****IV [[Earl Harlan Teig (1924-?)]]
**** +[[Vida Mae Mattson Teig (1932-?)]]
*****V Thomas Ross Teig (1957- )
***** +Brenda Ann Keranen Teig (1955- )
*****V Julie Beth Teig Blom (1958- )
***** +Lewis Jacob Blom (1948- )
******VI Michael Blom (1977- )
*****V Jodi Lynn Teig (1965- )
****IV Pearl Beatta Teig West (1924-?)
**** +Charles Branard West (1924-?)
*****V Linda Sue West (1951-?)
*****V Sandra Lee West (1952-?)
*****V Craig Brian West (1955-?)
****IV Nadine Ruth Teig Smith Huss (1930-?)
**** +[[Ervine Eugene Smith (1922-1974)]] First husband
*****V Bruce Eugene Smith (1929-?)
***** +April Wise Smith (1950- )
*****V Deborah Jean Smith Munson (1952- )
***** +Mark Eldon Munson (1948- )
**** +[[Ralph Kenneth Huss (1914-?)]]
***III [[Victor Eugene Lura (1898-1973)]]
*** +[[Mamie Margaret Jacobson Lura (1900-1978)]]
****IV [[Josephine Eleanor Lura (1927-?)]]
****IV [[Viola Mae Lura Twedt (1930-?)]]
**** +Harris Jennings Twedt (1930-?)
*****V Karen Elizabeth Twedt Anderson (1950- )
***** +Bradley Anderson (1950- )
******VI Elizabeth Carrie (1973- )
******VI Matthew Bradley (1976- )
*****V Steven Craig Twedt (1953- )
***** +Kristine Jayne Mussehl Twedt (1955- )
*****V Katherine Renae Twedt Filipiak (1956- )
***** +Gary Morten Filipiak (1956- )
******VI Michael Martin Flipiak (1977- )
*****V Robert Jennings Twedt (1958- )
****IV [[Alice Harlene Lura Jack (1933- )]]
**** +[[Lyle Eugene Jane (1933- )]]
*****V Nancy Jo Jack Tappe (1956- )
***** +Rodney Tappe
*****V Susan Harlene Jack (1957- )
*****V David Eugene Jack (1960- )
****IV Eugene Albert Lura (1942- )
**** +Patricia Ann Torgerson Lura (1943- )
*****V Richard Allen Lura (1966- )
*****V Sally Annette Lura (1967- )
*****V Don Andrew Lura (1970- )
***III [[Edna Levina Lura (1900-1989)]]

Lowell Marion Posegate

Lowell Marion Posegate
Male View treeBorn: 1918/05/16 Died: 2003/04/25
Father: Pearl Elwood Posegate Mother: Lulu Belle (Sutherland) Posegate
Children: Darrel Lee Posegate , Sylvia Jean (Posegate) Anderson , Wayne Leslie Posegate , Keith Alan Posegate , Dennis Ray Posegate
Siblings: Robert Laverne Posegate, Thelma (Posegate) Christianson, Bernard Vincent "Burb" Posegate, Dorothy Marcella (Posegate) Kirk, Russell W Posegate
Spouse: Elaine Marie (Lura) Posegate

Lowell M Posegate was born May 16, 1918, in Shipley, the son of Pearl and Lulu (Sutherland) Posegate.

World War II

Lowell was one of many Americans to join the military to fight the Axis Forces during World War II.  He was a corporal.  His battalion landed at Normandy Beach on June 8 1944 D-Day +2. While marching through the country-side one soldier stepped on a land-mine.  It did not detonate.  The troop advanced and the next soldier in line a man from Forest City Iowa met the brunt of the explosion and was catapulted into the air.  It was from this position that he was able to note and soon after report that there were Nazis on the other side. ”timeline gap” Lowell and many of his compatriots were taken prisoner by the Nazis.  During World War II there were more Prisoners of War from the State of Iowa than any other state.


World War II Medals

If anyone knows which medals and honors he was awarded please contact adam((a))posegate.com.

Post- WWII

He married Elaine Lura on Nov. 24, 1948. He served in the United States Army during World War II. He was a member of Salem Lutheran Church and the Roland American Legion. He enjoyed baking, gardening, and singing. He lived most of his life in Roland and Story City.

Elaine Marie (Lura) Posegate

Elaine Marie (Lura) Posegate Female View treeBorn: 1922/04/22 Died: 1997/07/22
Father: Harvey Elmer Lura Mother: Sylvia (Egeland) Lura
Children: Darrel Lee Posegate , Sylvia Jean (Posegate) Anderson , Wayne Leslie Posegate , Keith Alan Posegate , Dennis Ray Posegate
Spouse: Lowell Marion Posegate

Elaine M Lura was born in Roland, the daughter of Harvey and Sylvia (Egeland) Lura. On Nov 24, 1948, she married Lowell Posegate in Roland. Mrs Posegate was a key punch operator at Iowa State University, retiring in 1984. She was a resident of Roland all her life.

Elaine worked as a homemaker and keypunch operator. She loved the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Elaine M Posegate 75, of Roland , died July 22, 1997, of complications of cancer at the Colonial Manor in Zearing.

Rachel (Ferguson) Postgate Crispin

Rachel (Ferguson) Postgate Crispin Female View treeBorn: 1776 Died: 1820
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Isaac F Posegate , Mary Posegate , Charles Hill Posegate Jr , Thomas Posegate
Spouse: Charles Hill Postgate

b. 1776 d. 1820

Married Charles Hill Postgate.  He died in 1805.  In 1806 Married John Crispin.

Her misspelling is attributed to the origins of the name Posegate.

Timeline of Events

1806 John Crispin married the widow Rachel Posegate .  John Crispin took Rachel’s children into his home.  “John Crispin vs Charles Postgate”

1807-10 David Crispin Born to John & Rachel

1809 John Crispin was appointed guardian of Rachel’s Children about 1809 in Ross County. “John Crispin vs Charles Postgate”

1810 *Clinton County established by the Ohio Legislature *Fayette County established by the Ohio Legislature *Rachel Crispin received by request at Fairfield Meeting 1/27/1810 Hinshaw’s Ohio Quakers  pg 272 *John Crispin went to Virginia and sold the land including the dower interest of Rachel. “”John Crispin vs Charles Postgate””

1811 Fall Creek Highland OH 5 set off 1811 from Fairfield MM Lee’s Creek Monthly Meeting: Mary (Postgate) daughter John and Rachel Crispin received by request 12/28/1811 Thomas Charles and Isaac Postgate and Davis [more likely David] Crispin son and stepsons of John Crispin received by request 12/28/1811

May 6 1811 Joshua Crispin Born to John & Rachel Hinshaw’s Ohio Quakers  pg 272″;

1820 John CRISPIN and Rachel hw of Highland Co. Sell interest in 70 acres of land in Frederick Co. to Wm. COOK of Frederick Co. Va. Rachel CRISPIN late POSEGATE widow of Hill Posegate dec’d together with the children Thomas Charles Mary and Isaac POSEGATE are heirs of decent. Records of the Recorder’s Office of Highland County Ohio (1805-1850). Deed Book 1: 584   May 13 1820 p. 58.  Thomas POSEGATE and Charity hw and Charles POSEGATE all of Highland County to John CRISPIN interest in 70 A as stated on p 584. Deed Book 1: 585  May 13 1820

Thomas Postgate

Thomas Postgate Male View treeBorn: 1710 Died: 1777
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Francis Postgate , Isaac Postgate
Spouse: Mary (Pearson) Postgate

Thomas Postgate (middle name unknown), was born in England circa 1710. It is thus far unknown what date he came to America, but records dated September 6, 1729 indicate that he was already in the American Colonies by this date.[1] In the Colonies with Thomas was his wife Mary Postgate.[2]

Thomas is likely the first Postgate on the North American Continent, making him the colonial patriarch of all Posegates.

Thomas was not likely to have been a Quaker. He was in the Virginia Militia, (The pacifist Quakers would have disowned him for this, and held offices in Virginia that would have been forbidden to someone that did not at least pretend to be an Anglican. In both areas he was surrounded by Quakers and his descendants may have converted or he may have been a Quaker disowned for his military activities.

Capt. Thomas Postgate was a Deputy Sheriff of Orange County, VA and a Justice of Frederick County, VA, and captain of a Foot Company of Virginia Militia. He lived on land that was part of the Jost Heit land east of Thomas Lord Fairfax estate at Greenway Court Manor.

1729 Sept 6, 1729 Thomas Postgate is listed as executor of Jonathan Pearson’s will in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

1733 July 19-26, 1733 Thomas Postgate in Salem County New Jersey in the Township of Maninton

1735 Thomas Postgate signs as a witness on the sale of land to Francis Pincher of Orange County (Frederick County was made from this part of Orange County)

1738 A list of Deliquents (tax related?) Is published by Thomas Postgate, Deputy Sherrif. April 27 Orange County VA Court approves petition of (Jost) Heit to keep ordinary. He entered into Bond his security with Thomas Postgate.

1741 November 27 The Orange County VA Court orders a Wagon road built Through Thomas Postgates Gap otherwise known as Collomees Gap.

1742 February 25 The Orange County VA Court Orders inhabitants to work on road through Postgates Gap below the Mouth of Manasses Run.

1744 March 10 Thomas Postgate signs as a witness on a document that lays out the tract of land that becomes Winchester VA.

July Fredreck County Court orders Male tithables belonging to Thomas Lord Fairfaxe’s Greeway Court manor to work on a road from Gregorys Ford to the top of the Ridge. The list includes Thomas Postgate.

1758 July 24 Thomas Postgate listed in alphabetical poll of taxpayers.

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey Vol XI, Page 319

RUN away the 12th of this Instant June, from Thomas Postgate, of Salem County, in the Township of Maninton, a Servant Boy named William Wood, aged about 18 Years, had on when he went away an old Grey Homespun Coat, an old pair of Leather Breeches, and Ozenbrigs or Tow Shirt, a pair of old Shoes and Stockings, an old Felt Hat, short hair, has lost some of his fore Teeth and Stammers much in his Speech, when he speaks hastily, has a large Mole in one of his Eye brows. Whoever secures the said Servant so that his Master may have him again, shall be generously Rewarded by Thomas Postgate. –The Pennsylvania Gazette, July 19-26, 1733.

In “Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I. 1670-1730; Unknown Counties, NJ,” we find the following:

1729 Sept. 6. Pearson, Jonathan, of Burlington, labourer; will of. Gives personal estate to brothers Joseph and James Pearson, Thomas Postgate, Rebecca, daughter of brother James, and sister Mary Postgate, making brother James and Thomas Postgate executors. Witnesses–Titan Leeds, Mary Leeds, James Thomson. Proved August 2, 1730.